Sample Dinner Menu

We change our dinner menu weekly, sometimes daily, and sometimes mid-service. We often get quizzed what'll be on our menu in 'x' many days time, and the short answer is, we can't say with certainty (but here is a rough idea...)

Our tasting menu is a selection of dishes, all savoury (so dessert is offered afterwards as an extra), and is designed to be a complete meal. We provide a number of snacks, small dishes and large dishes, and we take into account any dietaries that the diners may have. It is currently $55 per person.

Here is a sample of the dinner menu from Thursday 4 February 2021:

sourdough bread + cultured butter 9

korokke + tomkatsu sauce 8ea 

yuzu marinated salmon rice cracker + shiso 8ea

blueberry, savoury cream + pani puri 7ea

fig, walnut, goat’s cheese + orange 7ea


pork cheek, parsnip, edamame, pine nut + capers 16

sweet corn, tomato, avocado + basil 15

butterfish, beetroot, pear + horseradish 20


salmon, miso, zucchini + buttermilk dashi 30

venison, plum, carrot + quinoa 37

crispy potatoes + aioli 10


lemon cream, chocolate mousse + strawberries 12


vintage waikato 14

peninsula blue 14

wildfire 14



set menu 55pp